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Skype Supervisor Meeting Notes 21.3.12

  • Framework for thesis
  • Double check word length
  • How to engage with kids in museums > still a developing field (but not included in education in museums > we already know how kids learn, etc. re: pedagogy)
  • Curator/Museum journals
  • 3 x institutions as case studies > compare and contrast
    • Similar size but different locations?
    • Small vs. big institutes?
    • Fine art institutions only
      • Different approaches to education > different philosophies for teaching
    • Teaching programs
  • Ethics approval process
    • Interviews: phone, physical, etc.
    • “ANU ethics form”
    • Questions, identity protection, etc.
  • Develop a paragraph proposal of what I will be looking at and start to build up a reference database
    • Flesh out a more defined topic structure
    • Literature review > what hasbeen done; developed re: background information > previous dialogues and when people started getting interested in children’s education in museums (look at old annual reports, etc. also); changing emphasis; changing (children’s) visitor numbers
      • Looking at everything > stuff can be ditched!
  • Regular weekly/monthly contact
    • Regroup on 18.4.12
  • Receive email later today with meeting recap

Follow up email from supervisor:

  • Following on from our call – some tasks:
  • Literature review – I suggest you focus on this at present, looking at any material you can find about children and art galleries. Perhaps focus on UK, maybe some US approaches, and Australia/NZ. Check annual reports from Australian major institutions for info on education and children
  • Have a good look at the major gallery websites in Australia, with a view of deciding how many and which ones you will focus on in more detail. In some ways this doesn’t matter too much – you may decide on a more general ‘thesis’ highlighting the  role of children’s education in galleries, or look at one in detail and compare with others. Think also about your actual ‘thesis’ (argument) will be – this will become clearer as you do the literature review – what question/argument do you want to answer or present?