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Creating Accountability

Martina Lynne wrote the following about accountability (as a way of ‘keeping your sanity’ as a postgrad):

8. Create accountability. This is especially important for the kind of work we do without much supervision, like teaching and studying for exams and dissertating. It’s easy to make those lists and build that structure, but if you have no one to report to but yourself, it can also be easy to slip into a cycle of not meeting your own expectations, making excuses, feeling shitty, and then getting overwhelmed by the mounting overflow work. Instead, make a weekly date with a friend where you report to each other how things are going or create study groups, even if you’re not all working on the exact same materials. Not only will this make sure you don’t drop the ball, but just spending that time explaining what you’ve been working on will help solidify it in your mind and be valuable practice for when you have to explain yourself to — gulp! — exam panels or dissertation chairs or hiring committees.

Unfortunately, I lack peers. And my academic friends are largely online nowadays. As such, I plan on keeping accountability within my journal.

My goals for today:

  • Read at least two new journal articles
  • Read through reading notes and start refining topic
  • Get my hair cut (not an ‘academic’ goal, I know, but I have been putting this off for so long it needs to be crossed off the ‘to do’ list!)
  • Take Charlie for a jaunt at the beach (exercise, fitness, and good health have to become a priority in my life and are no longer allowed to take a back seat)