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‘Summer School’ info post

I always associate the term ‘summer school’ with poorly performing students in American novels (Claudia from The Babysitters Club pops into mind readily). However, this time around, ‘summer school’ is a week-long, intensive course I will be attending on-campus in order to complete the coursework requirements of my MA. This course is part of the Museums & Collections specialisation (rather than my Art History & Curatorship specialisation) and focuses on exhibition development.

I am hoping this course will be an interesting look into the development of exhibitions, rather than my current understanding of collecting in general.

NB: the convenor is aware I am an online student and am only in Canberra for the length of the face-to-face classes.


1. Portfolio that includes:

  • Visualisation of design (eg. poster or CDROM that includes 2-3 sample wall texts): 50%
  • Catalogue essay (800 words): 15%
  • Project exegesis (1500 words): 25%

2. Attendance and presentation of design on final day: 10%

Pre-requisite Reading