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Everybody, Everywear: black+white

If you have had a look through the links listed under peers and further reading, you’ll notice many of them are related to fashion. Fashion blogs are one of my secret loves — academic fashion bloggers are an amazing breed! Whilst I wish to keep this blog dedicated to being my thesis journal, getting dressed every day is an important part of my daily academic routine. If I am not properly dressed, I am not properly ready for the day ahead. Sure, there are days I spend slumming around in track pants, but, for the most part, I get dressed every day. It puts me in the right frame of mind.

However, there are numerous blogger fashion challenges online I like to take part in (if only for my own amusement). One of them is “Everybody, Everywear” — a monthly fashion challenge. This month the theme was ‘black and white’ and here is my attempt at fulfilling this challenge:

Black cardi; white based Disney shirt; black shorts
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

I wore this outfit whilst doing cleaning work (in a holiday rental), taking Daniel to the doctor (just a check up — no worries!) and then spent the afternoon doing some reading related to my general thesis topic (curating for kids). A comfy outfit that made me feel dressed enough to leave the house.