WiniC is an ANU postgraduate student completing a Master of Arts (Art History and Curatorship) online via coursework and research. She has an interest in the domestic arts, and completed her undergraduate research thesis on domestic arts of the Australian WWI home front.


Australian National University
Master of Arts (Art History and Curatorship), February 2011 – current
I am working online with classmates to complete my Graduate studies part time via the Australian National University. This allows me to use any available time to log study hours.
Time management is the key to this program as I juggle completing study tasks on time with attending part time work. I have developed a plan in order to maintain this lifestyle in conjunction with my home life, relaxation and exercise.

Australian National University
Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Curatorship) with Honours (WWI Depictions of Domesticity), 2006 – 2009
To complete my degree I undertook courses in Art History and Curatorship, English, Gender Studies and Film Studies. I studied a variety of time periods, locations and contexts through written and visual analysis.
I was afforded the opportunity to refine my personal organisational skills throughout my degree. This enabled me to complete all assessments on time and not miss any paid work.

University of Newcastle
Bachelor of Fine Arts
, 2005 – 2006
During my time at the University of Newcastle I was given the opportunity to experience a variety of art practices. These included sculpture and ceramics, painting, drawing and printing, as well as digital and ‘traditional’ photography.
The theory and history lectures I attended as part of this degree allowed me to come into contact with my true passion: art history. After discussion with my lecturers I was encouraged to attend the Australian National University to complete my degree on the subject and successfully complete a further Honours year.

Personal interests

Studying, research, and learning are the main focus of my life – but when I’m not behind my laptop you can find me playing with my furbabies (two cats, Patch and Daphne, and our red kelpie, Charlie), sewing quilts, hanging with my husband (Daniel) in our sleepy seaside home in Far East Gippsland (in VIC, Australia), and travelling to ‘the farm’ (located near Bega, NSW) to visit Dan’s grandparents at weekends. My spare time is also taken up by my involvement in the Australian Girl Guides ‘Olave’ program, joining my peers in person when possible and completing tasks online as a ‘lone’ when at home.

Hanging with Dan

Charlie dog



At ‘the farm’

Guiding love

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