Summer School Update 20.1.12

I just logged onto Wattle (ANU’s online teaching forums, etc. — easiest explanation, I am sure your university has its own version) and saw that my summer school course has been updated. I popped into the class and found a fully detailed course outline (syllabus) ready and waiting for me. I now know about:

  • The times, locations, and dates of my week of classes (as well as the topics being discussed)
  • The dates, marking guidelines, and outlines for my assessments
  • The readings required for my week of face-to-face classes


I am at that “oh my gosh, everything is totally overwhelming, how will I ever achieve all of these outcomes in this class, and still do well and run a family and a household at the same time?” point in the ‘semester’.

I am also stressing over: how I will get to each location, meeting and talking to new people, surviving the museum/gallery trips (which last up to 3 hours) without eating (and really should not be drinking either), not having Dan/kitties/dog waiting for me in the evenings, etc. etc. etc.


Stop. Breathe.
I have done this all before,
I can do it all again.

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