Daily Update 17.1.12

So yesterday I accomplished the following:

  • Read one academic article and one UN convention paper (on the rights of children)
  • Got my haircut (picture to come) — and this morning, after eight months of laziness, I also got my eyebrows re-shaped
  • Did two loads of washing (‘full time’ work over summer has left me well behind in the housework department)

Things I need to start doing more every day:

  • Making exercise a priority (I am not concerned about my weight, I am just concerned that I am becoming physically unhealthily lazy)
  • Having a general clear up around the house
  • Walking Charlie (this is for me, but mostly for him – it is not fair keeping him cooped up so much)
  • Spend time sewing (this is my main hobby and I have neglected it, meaning my quilt is only partially pieced)
  • Read more for pleasure

My goals for today:

  • Email my landlord/boss with notes about cleans I did this morning
  • Read two academic articles
  • Have an overview look at QAG, NGA, and NGV (re: curating for kids)
  • Write a daily schedule (to fit in the above list, plus my studies and with room to do any cleaning work)

What are your plans for today? What are your goals for every day?

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