Make Do Diary

I am a huge organising nerd and, while I am still waiting for my new 2012 planner to arrive, I had to find a (cheap) stand-in. Enter “Cheapo Student Diary” stage left:

Diary above; notebook below.
Hopefully once my diary arrives, the two will merge more into one.
But I think I will still have a separate notebook for work notes.

Diary on left; nerdy art-tastic notebook on right.
I bought the notebook years ago when my dad lived in Alice Springs.
The cover is Yam Dreaming by Emily Kame Kngwarreye .

You can see how nerdy I am feeling of late in the top picture — I am already mentally planning my non-existent thesis folder! I am waiting on the edge of my seat for summer school (info post to come) and the inevitable trip to Officeworks which will happen on my arrival in Canberra. I already have a shopping list forming — gonna be in so much trouble…

What planner systems are other people using this year? How long do you think you will stick to that system? (Who wants to place bets on the length I stick solely with my Laurel diary?)

2 responses to “Make Do Diary

  1. I went diary shopping on the weekend myself, it was really hard finding a decent diary large enough for all my stuff, I hadn’t even set a budget so thought I was in for a treat but couldn’t find any! I have had to settle on buying 2. One for appointments and deadlines that directs you to number two which has details on each! I know im sad, I have a diary for my diary! haha

    • That’s exactly why I went for the ‘Laurel’ diary — it has a month calendar I can write shorthand on, and then the week views next to it where I can write more details. Don’t worry, it’s just a sickness we have for being over-organised (I think they call it OCD? haha)

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