Tough Choice

Instead of worrying about my thesis topic today, I have spent it perusing online shops (hoping to spend some birthday cash). I would love a new, stylish backpack for summer school (and when travelling in general), and have narrowed it down to these two options:

Korea Fashion Dual-Use Canvas Bag

Large Capacity Multi-Use Canvas Bag

I am (patiently) waiting until Daniel gets up from his day sleep to order one of them. I just cannot decide which I like better — I love the simplicity of the first style, but I love the multi-styled nature of the second bag. Both are also within a suitable price range.

Hmm… I think I am leaning towards the second style.


Totally ordered the second bag (plus a cute mint coloured dress).

4 responses to “Tough Choice

  1. Cute choices — I love a good backpack! By the way, I’ve just officially added you to the Academia and Fashion list. Welcome welcome!

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