The one at the beginning

In an attempt to go paperless in my academic life, this blog will take the place of my thesis journal. Notes I take on paper I will (attempt to) photograph/scan or type up in order to maintain my journal in its whole.

So far, my thesis has not actually ‘started’ – mainly because the Australian academic world is melting in the sudden onslaught of summer and has not yet returned to campus.

My current situation: trash mags & trash TV
(plus some crafting, cleaning work, and pets on the side)

My undergraduate (honours year) thesis discussed the women’s domestic arts on the Australian WWI home front. Having started making quilts this year, I’ve an interest in those (‘The Art of Quilting’ perhaps?), but I also still quite like the broader realm of domestic arts in general – ladies’ journals, needlework, folk art, and so on. But then the issue of my isolation comes into play, and is this a topic area that can be researched ‘virtually’ with only sporadic trips to Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne to complete research?

Many things to ponder and email people about and then, you know, begin something productive (but only after the temperature drops a little!)

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